“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”
Michael Pollan


My name is Jess and together with my family I own and run Brother Bear Cafe. The Brother Bear family are passionate about creating delicious simple food made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

My sister Georga is the creative genius in the kitchen with a passion for creating plant based food made with a whole lot of love and flavour.

Mama Bear is the recycling queen, ensuring there is as little waste as possible and our footprint is a light one. From the used coffee grounds to the soft plastics she finds everything a second home.

Papa Bear is the facts and figures man and keeps us honest when we get a little carried away with wanting to change the world immediately. It’s a process. We’ve got this.

Our dream is to be more than a cafe. Our dream is to be a space where people in our lovely community and beyond feel welcome, nourished and inspired.

Jess. X